Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The corner has a new location...


I look forward to seeing you. Remember to update your Favorites!

Monday, January 22, 2007

In the den of iniquity there are still monks...

I went to visit CyberD and Lil' Magnum this weekend at Casa de CyberD.

His butler answered the door, "Master Q, may I take your coat?".

"No, I am not wearing one", I replied as he touched me in a way that I felt was inappropriate.

He asked if I would like to see CyberD or if I would be needing to use the water closet. Still shocked from his previous actions, I told him that I would need to use the facilities. Little did I know that he would stand and watch me whilst I was partaking of the exquisite craftsmanship of CyberD Manor. When I was done, he washed my hands, nether region and neck, and then caressed my hands with lotion.

Finally I was allowed entrance to the main hall of CyberD's abode. CyberD was sitting in a large leather highback with a pipe in his left hand and the tape from his ticker tape machine in his right. Lil' Magnum was laying in the floor balancing his checkbook. CyberD offered me a monogrammed smoking jacket like the ones that he and magnum were wearing, I refused. I am not much of a smoker. I asked him why wasn't Mags watching some TV or something. Both he and Magnum burst into laughter as if I had just told the most amusing story ever. I was serious, Lil' Magnum is only 2 most 2 year olds play with toys and what not or watch TV. Once they recovered from hysteria, they offered me some breakfast. It was maybe the best eggs Benedict I ever eaten. After breakfast, Lord CyberD, as he asked to be referred to from this point on, put down Lil' magnum for his afternoon nap on a king size bed with mahogany headboard in possibly the most ornate bedroom I have ever seen for a child.

He is my heir Lord CyberD said as he noticed me looking around the room in awe. When CyberD's first born son was asleep he asked if I wanted to maybe play a game, chess, bridge, canasta, soggy biscuit..."What" I asked.

"Canasta?" he responded quizically.

"No, soggy biscuit."

"Oh that is a little game I learned in college" Lord CyberD enlightened me.

We can get my chef to make a batch of biscuits if you want.

"Sure" I said, not really knowing what I was getting myself into.

After the biscuits were cooked, the chef brought one to us on a plate that was made in the 1800's in England, a very rare specimen I was informed. I am not much of an antiquer so I can't help a whole lot with a description. The butler informed CyberD that he would like to participate, apparently he knew what this game was. I felt ignorant, even the butler knows. How did I not have any clue what this game was, I love games. I own a bunch of them. Well let me just say that this game is unlike any I have ever played, as was evident when Lord CyberD asked if I needed and aids.

"Aids for what?" I asked.

"The game, silly" he retorted as if to imply my stupidity.

"I guess not" I heard myself utter as the shock set in. At this point Lord CyberD and his butler were undoing their pants and positioning themselves over the plated biscuit.

I was at a complete loss, how to get out of this mess.

"There is no way I can play right now CyberD"

"Lord CyberD" he interrupted.

"Yeah, sorry Lord CyberD. I did that on my way here"

It came out before I could think about what I was thinking, I am not good on the fly, as was evident by my statement. "I understand, I do that on my way to the office every day" Lord CyberD remarked, apparently not thinking that I don't have a driver to carry me to the office like he does.

I came up with an excuse to get out of there, before any mental images could be burned in. CyberD said he was sad to see me go, but I am welcome back anytime. "Thanks" I yelled, as I ran to my car.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Sometimes even Big Dirty cries...

So I went to see my grandmother today. Normally this is not that big of a deal except that grandmother-Q is in a nursing/old folks home. These places are always sad to me, but now they are even more so because when I go there I see my grandmother as a tired, drugged up, old woman.

I know that she is 90 years old, but when she was at her home 3 months ago she did not look this bad. I also know that when she was in the hospital for a bout with anemia 2 months ago she did not look this bad. Another thing that I am certain of is that she does not want to be there one bit.

My father and I have had this discussion before and he wants her home too. When she is at her home my Dad has to take care of her, there are nurses that come and stay with her at night and cook and clean her and for her. My Dad basically takes her out for rides in the truck, so she is not couped up in the house all day and does the things like grocery shopping and the like. My Aunt for some reason wants her in this "home", and will not sign off on letting her come to her real home.

At 90, I have come to the realization that I will not get to have her around for that many more years, which is why I go by to see her as much as I can. I admit it is more inconvenient for me to drive where she is now as opposed to her being close by, but I make the trek at least once a week to stop by and see her. This is not about me though, it is about what they do to old people in these places.

Why do they give the sedatives? To make it easier on them, or to make it easier on the employees, who knows. What I am sure of is that I am tired of going to see my grandmother and having her tell me these outlandish stories about what these people do to her. I know that she is not abused there but she wants to come home, that is why she makes this stuff up. It is why she cries when I tell her I need to leave and I can't take her with me. I want to, so much, but I do not have any say in where she lives. I tell her that but she doesn't understand so she cries, it hurts my insides because she has done so much for me throughout my life and now I am unable to do anything for her. I guess my Dad and I will keep trying to talk my aunt into letting her come home, maybe one day we will get lucky and she will give in. I love you Mimi, I know you can't read this but I just wanted it out there. Sorry to get serious on everyone, I just needed to get that out.

Luckily tonight I got to talk to Fringes and that brightened up my afternoon/night...Thanks Fringes

Friday, January 19, 2007

__ Years ago I...

25 years ago I... was a year old. I was born after my parents had been married for quite a while. I am also an only child because my Dad figured that he couldn’t deal with my Mom and another child. My Dad was pretty old when I was born, but he is a really cool/good Dad. I remember nothing.

20 years ago I... was 6 years old. I was in first grade, and had a best friend named Adam. I got my first pair of Air Jordan’s this year, the Air Jordan I’s. I think I can chronicle my life through my footwear, I really love shoes. I also wore Converse All Stars and would mix the colors, kind of like Punky Brewster; she was pretty big back then.

15 years ago I... was 11. I was in 5th grade and my best friend was Cliff. That was my least favorite year in elementary school. My teacher's name was Mrs. F. My friend Cliff moved away that year and it was like I had to start over with friendships, I had friends just none that I was as close to like Senior Cliff. Plus his Dad owned the Golden Corral so we ate there every Friday, I loved that place. My locker partner from that year used to go to the gym that I went to last year, it was fun to talk with him and reminisce about the good old days.

10 years ago I... was 16. I was filled with all kinds of hormonal rage. I was still running my mouth in football practice and still getting my ass lit up because of it. Luckily I had learned not to do this when I was not protected by pads or a whistle. I had a great truck this year, it was a red 89 Chevy step side. My friend and I took it over a ravine that had a ridge that launched us up in the air, which was great we were like those two guys from the Dukes of Hazzard, except that we weren’t kin and neither of us had a cousin that was smoking hot or an uncle that made moonshine. This was one of my happiest times.

5 years ago I... was 21. I was a year behind in college because my social ability over ran my student ability. Man did I go to some ragin’ parties this year. My friend Daniel pledged a fraternity, and had to take some cat tranquilizers and stand on a table naked as long as he could, what an idiot. My friend CyberD still worked at AC and we would go to lunch a few times a week. Man these were good times.

3 years ago I... was 23. I had graduated college a year before and I was in grad school at this point. CyberD was still in grad school and we would hang out a lot. These were good years too. I have had more good than bad years I think, but that might be attributed to my personality some would say. My student ability was more overpowering at this point, I holding down a 4.0 gpa in grad school.

1 year ago I... was 25. I started grad school at Colorado State University, go RAMS! Everything is still good I am just enjoying my life, or as one person once said about me “Livin’ the dream”. I get to hang out with my friends CyberD and Dagromm on a semi regular basis and that is good. I started my extreme workout program to add muscle and lose fat, so far so good.

So far this year I... am still at CSU, go RAMS! The year just started but everything seems to be going well…

Yesterday I... had a really good relaxing day. I did my fitness in the morning, went to work and hung out for 8 hours. I went to a friend of mine’s place and we went to a local Tex-Mex restaurant, I ate nachos (man I love unhealthy food). I came home and watched Earl, The Office, The OC, Real World/Road Rules Challenge, then a triple feature of But I’m a Cheerleader, Four Brothers and Pootie Tang. I love Pootie Tang, that movie just cracks me up.

Today I... am at work, again. I will blog until 11:45, go eat lunch, then come back and kill time until my meeting at 3 pm. Tonight I am feeling like catching up on my rented movies so I am going to watch Petey Wheatstraw the Devil’s Son in Law, reviews to come.

Tomorrow I will... sleep until noon, get my fitness on and then probably not put on any pants until about 4 when I go get something to eat.

In the next year I will… Probably more of the same…

In the next minute I will... try to go find something to deaden the boredom, I am thinking a donut…

Thursday, January 18, 2007

I think I am hooked on...

The MTV reality show Rob and Big. I have now seen every episode plus the Rob and Big's 5 favorite moments of season 1. I am hooked, they got me. I actually enjoy the show and I laugh at their grade school humor. It is a funny very non-serious show which I can seem to enjoy for its intent. The Rob character is funny and a great counter to the Christopher "Big Black" Boykins. Consequently Big is a great counter to Rob, they work very well as a team. Probably not as funny apart but the 2 of them just gel and work on camera. My favorite moment is obviously the 'Ridin Dirty scene, when RnB get pulled over by the Los Angeles PD for having too dark of a window tinting on their ride. All in all I would have to say check it out, for a rating I will give it an A-

Let me also say that I also watch the Suite Life of Zac and Cody regularly, to give you some sort of basis for my TV viewing habits. At some point I will write an article about my TV show selectioning.

Out in the park just workin' on her fitness...

What do you know, she does bring a witness...

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I know I can't afford to stop for a moment.. that it's too soon.. to forget

Here is my new Icon that represents the Fringes/Q love affair...

I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a blogment today...

When I was writing about the friendship circle involving CyberD, Dagromm and Gyuss it got to thinking about how many friends I had in college that I do not talk to anymore.

One of the guys that I hung out with, I haven't spoken to since my second semester of grad school, he moved to H-Town and out of my life forever.

Another person we'll call Ad-Roc moved to Cow Town and then to the mountains of Colorado to live out his dream of restoring pianos, my jealousy of him is overwhelming. I have never thought about being a craftsman, but restoring pianos is quirky enough that I might have actually enjoyed it. I have refinished an antique desk that was my grandfathers and built some caddywompus shelves from scratch with no planning or measurement, other than that I am really lacking in the experience department for piano restoration. Consequently my friend hand made fly fishing rods, built the rig to do that and downloaded hours of hardcore pornography for me while we were in school together, what a great/talented guy. He had a bit of a temper though, one night when we were coming back from a raucous college party we ran into this girl he was dating and some other dude, Ad-Roc being a quick thinker focused all of his rage onto a tree instead of the guys face. He destroyed his hand and to this day you can see the effects of that night in front of the SUB. Of course he is also the guy that urinated on/in this one guys car in the parking lot, it was a convertible, because the guy had made some snide remarks in an English class Ad-Roc was taking and Ad-Roc was drunk enough to do something about it.

For all the excitement that he and I had, many of our hours of hanging out were spent on the front porch of his house on South Gribble. We were affectionately known as the two retired gentlemen in the CS department. People would come by and sit a while and leave while we rocked away in a couple of chairs that Ad-Roc had made in his spare time, discussing the fact that he thought Henry Rollins was better looking than the guy from Coldplay or I would hve to defned my stance that Dido did not have a gigantic head compared to the rest of her body. Once a guy on a bicycle did some sort of crazy trick and fell on the street in front of his house, of course we laughed at him. For some reason this made the guy walk up to us and ask for a beer, my friend obliged. The guy then proceeded to tell us that he just got out of prison and was trying to find Spanky's Private Club. We pointed him on his way and watched the somewhat inebriated felon teeter down the street. A day after that one of Ad-Roc's roommates car got broken into, she was not happy when we told her about our felonious friend, speculating that it might have been him. I still speak to Ad-Roc from time to time but not as much as we did in college, man do I miss those days...

Just Reminiscing,

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Today is Tuesday and I'll blog if I want to...

I enjoyed the MLK holiday yesterday, I hope everyone else did too. Dagromm and I had good time Madden '07 fun over the weekend. Since, getting my x-box 360 I haven't really been able to enjoy x-box live until now. I think you have to know someone that has a 360 to have the real fun on there, I mean I have played people on there and had my ass handed to me, but getting to play someone I know tops all of the fun time good fun I had before.

So Dagromm and I split our 10 game series, with him playing the Miami Dolphins the most and my teams changing every time. The best game was the Philadelphia Eagles vs. the Carolina Panthers, the Eagles won on a last second TD after Jake Delhomme was intercepted on the 40 and that was returned to the 10, B-Dub was money from that spot. I had one final play, but Jake was picked off again and that ended the game. We played until 4 in the morning on Sunday and then again Sunday night. What a good weekend of doing nothing!

I almost forgot, the West Coast offense is stupid awful. The plays make no sense. There is no hail mary! That is like the first football play you learn, if your catholic right? I was searching and searching for it, it was not there in the west coast offensive scheme. Therefore West Coast Offense = Complete Ass.

Outside Watching,